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Professional Artwork Scanning Service
Hooray!  We are providing, probably, the cheapest rate for professional artwork scanning services in Singapore ever!  Rest of the world welcome too.
Get high resolution scans & create a coffee table book of your artwork, true to line & colour. 
So clear, you can even see the texture of your paper.

High resolution scanning services for Artworks Singapore ~ lowest prices
Detail in watercolour by Carol Fu, student at The Visionary ART Workshop
Students at The Visionary ART Workshop receive discounts of
more than 75% off regular store rates. 
Scan more than 5 pieces & get further discounts!
Singapore, show your student pass to get the same !
 Professional Artwork Scanning Services Singapore, cheapest in town.

Details of artworks in colour pencil & watercolour by Foong Yin, student at The Visionary ART Workshop

Professional scanning service for artworks, cheapest in Singapore
  • Extraordinary image quality & resolution — 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution.
  • Micro Step Drive technology & a 3.8 Dmax for brilliant, true to colour, clarity & detail in texture.
  • Up to A3 size.
  • Scans may be saved in the following formats:  JPEG, TIFF etc.  Make your requests.
  • Receive your scans in the following ways:  Dropbox, Google Drive or your own external drive (Singapore only)
Top tip ~  For great prints, seek out printing services that uses 7 rather than 4 colour printers.

Professional Artwork Scanning Service Singapore.  Art student discounted rates