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How to Succeed In Your Art Interview

How to Prepare For and Succeed in Your Art Portfolio Interview

Here, we have compiled just a few loose guidelines for you to take note of.  All the best!

1.  Be Yourself, Relax

Take a deep breath to relax and centre yourself before you walk in.  The best thing you can do, is to be natural, authentic and be yourself.  The interviewer wants to relate with the unique individual that is you. 

2. Prepare Your Portfolio

Set time to prepare your portfolio to the best of your ability so that you are confident of your work when it comes to presenting it.  

3.  Believe in Yourself

When you believe in yourself and your work, others will too.


4.  Speak Clearly, Be Audible

If you feel you have issues with speech, practise in front of a mirror and make extra efforts to annunciate your words. Your grammar does not have to be perfect, but hearing your words clearly helps the interviewer to understand you. 

If you have issues with answering questions, practise with a friend or family  member beforehand.  Get them to ask you some questions just to practise.


5.  Organise and Label Your Work Clearly

Remember that the interviewers will be sifting through hundreds of portfolios.  Arrange the series of work in a coherent manner and make your labels short and to the point.  Put the 'wow' piece as the top piece may help  to draw attention to your folio.


6.  Be Punctual

Arrange to get to the interview ahead of schedule time to familiarise yourself with the space and to relax.  Being punctual also shows consideration.


7.  Dress Appropriately, Be Clean

Dress how you feel would give a good impression of who you are.  There is no need to wear a suit but we recommend that you look and smell clean.  Stay away from using strong perfumes or cologne. 


8.  Be An Open Learner

Remember this: Nothing is more attractive to a lecturer or teacher than a student who is open to experimenting and enthusiastic about learning new things. Enrich your life by cultivating this in yourself if you feel you need to.  The chances of the interviewer feeling that you are suitable candidate is when they see someone who is open and keen to learn from what the college has to offer.



* Which artists / architects / designers / film makers do you like and inspires you?

* Which recent exhibit did you visit and what was your impression of it?

* Why have you chosen to join this college?

* What is your inspiration for this piece of work that you've done?

* Why have you chosen to do this series of drawings?

* Tell me more about this piece of work.

* What are your interests in life?

* Who do you admire and why?


We have compiled many different awesome examples of well explored portfolio work that other students have done.  We hope that inspires you to create yours.

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